A new generation of 3D specialists successfully completed the 3D Academy

All participants received a double award – a verified certificate from Callidus about the completion of the program and a certificate from AHK Kroatien!

Nova generacija 3D specijalista uspješno završila 3D Akademiju

After the participants enrolled in the 3D Academy this fall, respecting all epidemiological measures, they recently successfully completed it. The 3D Academy is a unique program in Croatia where all those interested have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the basics of photogrammetry, all the necessary tools and materials, advanced 3D scanning methods, processing of digitized results and 3D modeling in CAD tools - all the knowledge that is needed and in demand in today's labor market. , and will be necessary in the future.

The 3D Academy program includes dynamic lectures, expert lecturers, and the necessary software, tools and materials are provided, and it is particularly interesting that each participant, in addition to a verified certificate from the Callidus Institution, also receives a certificate from the German-Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a recognized sign of quality and compliance. program with high German standards. The certificate of the German-Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) is awarded exclusively to educational programs that meet German quality criteria in terms of program content and implementation. In doing so, the emphasis is placed on several key elements: the programs are developed according to needs and in cooperation with the economy, which transfers current and relevant knowledge and competences to the participants.

Learn more about this program on our website 3D technology specialist.

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